Free Bitcoins in your Wallet

You want some bitcoins for free? It's pretty easy and simple and everyone can do it. Bitcoins went over $10.000 several times and professional wallstreet investors are getting interested recently. Since the economy is bad and people are investing in gold, silver and bitcoin the last couple of months you should probably too. Investing in Bitcoins at the right time can get you some serious money. That said, if you have no money left to invest or you are still not sure what this is all about, get the free no risk version. These sites will give you free bitcoins just for visiting their sites and watching some ads. This is how I started my crypto journey.

First of all get the CryptoTab Browser. You will earn bitcoins just the easy way, while you surf the internet.

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Then join every program in the list below. Click the banner and wait till the Continue button apears on the right. If you don't want to join all free bitcoins programs, join at least the first free bitcoin site on the list.
At the end of the list there are some traffic exchange sites you can use, but you can promote your site everywhere.

Free BitCoins Programs

Traffic Exchanges


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