Sunday, September 6, 2020

Crypto Space Commander - CSC

Crypto SPace Commander
A friend of me is playing this for a long time now. I saw him playing Crypto Space Commander a few weeks ago in his live stream. CSC is also a crypto game as you can guess by the name and all assets in the game belong to you.


CSC starts players off in the home star system of Sol as newly-recruited commanders of the Galactic Federation. As commander of your very own starship, you’ll undertake missions, discover resources, and regularly acquire new skills in your quest to dominate the galactic frontier. Players can travel in a 50 light year radius from Sol to over 900 different star systems, mirroring our corner of the Milky Way. Each system is rich with its own resources and planets, some of which may contain hidden loot or technology blueprints. Players can own an unlimited amount starships in their fleet, but only one can be commanded at a time. Each starship can be modified by equipping various modules, such as upgraded weapons or shields. Each starship class provides a boost or buff to a distinct specialization, making some ships better suited for specific tasks. Modules can be acquired from other players in a system’s trading post or crafted using harvested resources. As the player base grows and players continue to mine new resources and craft them into modules, ships, and other items, the growth of the economy gradually shifts from the Galactic Federation into the players’ hands. Initial resource markets established in both Core and Fringe Space will be supplied by the Galactic Federation (GFI). As the player base grows, the GFI will reduce its production, allowing the community to take over and manage Core and Fringe economies. Players will transact in ETHER, the base currency and primary medium of exchange of the entire Federation.


As a Commander, you can own a fleet of starships, but you can only command one at a time. Starships are specialized, and some are better suited to specific tasks than others. If combat is your focus, you can battle pirates and hostile drones in the CSC Universe. Each starship in CSC can be endlessly customized with equipment modules, which add or upgrade weapons, shields, and nearly any ship stat. Experience PvP battles with other commanders, where skill is put to the test through the threat of real asset loss.


Space in CSC will be divided into two regions: Core Space and Fringe Space. Core Space allows players to explore with relative safety and will have limited PvP (Players vs Player) interaction. While Core Space offers players a safe zone for research and exploration; certain resources may be more difficult to find though. Fringe space is akin to the wild west, where laws are merely suggestions and players are at the mercy of local player-controlled governments.

Play to own

CSC is an open-world, sandbox-style space MMO that features a Play-to-Own Economy. Experience a free-market game economy for the first time with the ability to buy, sell, and trade without limits. Any items found, crafted, or earned in CSC can be moved freely both inside and outside of the game universe. Experience true ownership of your game assets.

Join the universe commander!

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